January 24, 2014

Keep Calm & Savasana - by Karen Ramsey McCabe


That final pose in yoga, otherwise known as corpse pose or Shiva's pose, is as important as all the other active poses of your yoga practice. Many say it's the most important as well as the most difficult because it requires you to simply be and to be still.  Most of our conscious lives are spent not in a state of being, but rather in a state of doing.  Our busy lives leave little room for that sweet surrender of stillness.

I have never understood why some teachers offer limited minutes of this sweet pose and when they do I always walked away feeling a little cheated like something was missing.  Yoga without a proper amount of time in Savasana is like sex without the climax; you get all worked up enough to sweat only to be left unsatisfied.  Yoga without enough time in Savasana is like milk chocolate.  Who wants all that guilt without the pleasure?  No, real Savasana is my equivalent to the euphoria of dark chocolate.

In every day life, we can be tense for so long that our bodies forget how it feels to be relaxed.  Savasana is often as relaxing and refreshing as a night of sleep.   We don't even have to take a yoga class to reap it's benefits.  If we're feeling tired, but don't have the time for a nap, a 10 minute Savasana is like a blessed reset button. 

After a yoga class it's our time to integrate all our hard work after stretching and opening. By fully allowing yourself to relax in Savasana, you are transported to a state of complete peace.  When our body relaxes so does our mind and this in fact re-energizes our whole nervous system.  Without true relaxation we can become chronically over-stimulated.

Savasana is sweet bliss, so whether you are a yoga teacher or a student. take your sweet time in this pose and allow yourself to fully release and enjoy. This is where the real union of yoga happens and you will always leave feeling more at peace and satisfied. 


About the Author

Karen Ramsey McCabe completed her Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Montezuma Yoga in 2009. She's a mother, dancer, graphic artist, co-owner of Anamaya Resort and is now flexing her wings as a writer. She takes her personal life experiences as lessons to learn for inspiration and growth. She loves yoga, travel, spending time in nature, eating healthy and playing with her daughter. She is currently working on her first children's book.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! I do a Montezuma early morning yoga practice three days a week (one that I found on Youtube a couple of years ago with the Hang music and the sound of the ocean). It's fantastic not just for my stress but for self-managing an on-going problem I have with frozen shoulder (which is at its most painful when I first wake up and move in a morning), by the time I get to the Savasana pose at the end the frown from the pain has gone and I'm nearer to a state of bliss to start the day as I mean to go on, it's the perfect length of time and I feel so refreshed and ready to go when Dagmar's lovely soothing voice brings me back around to reality again :)